Our story


Capitana by Lorenza is a female founded company based in the US. We believe that salsas are the real soul of Mexican cooking. As Mexicans, salsas flow through our veins and we are wild about them. We always add salsas to whatever we are about to eat. They are accommodating and versatile and can come charred, fried, pureed, mashed, chopped or raw, with endless variations. They can be the foundation of a dish or the final  touch to turn a meal from delicious to sublime. There is a world of salsas that people outside Mexico have yet to taste and experience. Capitana was created to bring these flavors to you. I was born and raised in Mexico and have lived in the US for 23 years. I have become more homesick over the years, and I have found that cooking Mexican food helps me stay connected to my country and my culture. I am passionate about food  and would  love to share the magic of the real Mexican flavors with you. I pour my soul into every salsa that I make. Once you taste these salsas, you will agree.
The word Macha refers to a brave or audacious woman, it is the feminine of macho, so a “macha” is a badass woman that runs the ship. The term celebrates the strength and resilience of women while also embodying the bold and intense flavors of the salsa.

Capitana is a reference to this fighter woman. It is also in memory of my dad, who was a sailor and wanted everyone to call him Capitan. As he grew older, he did not want to be called abuelo because he did not want to feel old. He was a great entrepreneur and when I started this business he told me he would invest all his money into anything that I decided to do and that he would always be my first investor. Capitana is in memory of his entrepreneurial spirit and his support of my own dream.